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DBS Digihub

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited


Approx 160,000 sq.ft

The idea of the space is to play with the hustle and bustle, and the calm within the hub to build a creative, dynamic hybrid space that enables staff to move between bustling and tranquil environments; places of intense team work and places of singular contemplation and repose. The combination of the two we believe, is essential to create an environment to spur creativity and productivity as well as enable a sense of wellbeing.

The design strategy was to create a dense urban core in the middle of the office, with meeting rooms, huddle spaces encircling the working environments, and thereafter filtering down to more singular contemplative spaces around the edge of the office.

The theme, inspired by the scenery of Hong Kong, blends urban cityscape and the green countryside and finds its way throughout the whole office in terms of furniture, colours andtextures, creating a new space at every turn and signaling an ever-changing journey of innovation.

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