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Causeway Bay


Recording Studio

Drum Music


GFA: 164sq.m

Drum Music's first recording studio in Hong Kong

These recording studios offer a unique design approach to the working environment for two composers and sound engineers, providing visual connectivity but acoustic isolation between them. The 2 studios were connected and separated by the main sound booth, the “egg”, floating between them. This element is designed such that no sound can pass through it but it one is able to see in and visually communicate with the recording musicians from both sides.


Despite the need for intense seclusion during recording sessions, the studios were subtly connected through a series of smooth, modulating or curvilinear developed spaces formed mainly without walls, but given spatial definition of openness through glass panels and panes. At a subliminal level this effect added greater sensibilities to the depth and scale of the rooms, allowing for continuous, yet differentiated elements with an open view, but without aural interference.


The combination of man-made and natural materials creates a highly expressive, conceptual space evoking both an intimate as well as sensorial environment.

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