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Rockstar Pacific Ltd


GFA: 310sq.m

A new lounge bar and night club with two distinct music environments acoustically separated from each other.

The brief was to convert a two storey disused supermarket into a brand new lounge bar and night club; the production of 2 distinct music environments acoustically separated from each other as well as from the street and residential block above.


A highly visible design element on the façade was it’s insulated entrance, a stainless steel ovaloid capsule with time locked connecting doors opening into the spaciously cool, ambient lounge inside.  Internally, a full height two way curved glass enclosure divided the upper lounge from the nightclub below, the interstitial space fitted with bass attenuators to absorb sound rising from the lower level.


Lighting was designed into the fabric of the club to create texture and movement; walls of gel bags, each dipped with a fiber optic cable; inverted perforated woks embedded into the ceilings with coloured light arrays behind; bar counters with rippled glass illuminated inserts.  Bespoke fittings and furniture were also specifically designed for the project: banquettes, DJ booths, overbar structures and speaker stack enclosures.

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