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GFA: 3,437sq.m

Inventive work space for leading advertising agency.

In 1999 Ogilvy took over their new regional headquarters in the Centre, Central, Hong Kong.


The project involved the design of 38,378 sq.ft of new space, incorporating the technical and ergonomic requirements of 13 diverse departments ranging from Finance, IT & EDP through to Creative and TV production, comprising a total of 339 staff.


The brief called for a flexible modern workplace that broke with the traditional pyramid structure of Ogilvy’s previous premises.  KplusK created a series of internal neighbourhoods to house a diversity of working environments, accessed by means of a donut circulation zone linking all parts of the plan.  Shared facilities were designed to glue the neighbourhoods together: breakout zones, libraries, pantries, brainstorming areas, resource zones and photographic processing studios.


The extensive personal storage requirements of many of their staff also led to the design, prototyping and mass production of new furniture systems specifically tailored to Ogilvy’s needs.


The reception and adjoining conference facilities were designed to enable Ogilvy to display their capabilities to the fullest - two conferences are able to take place simultaneously and separately with the aid of icon-driven AMX systems allowing simple control of the audiovisual systems and operable walls dividing them.

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