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Central, Hong Kong



Union Church Hong Kong

On Site

Site area: 1,852.90 sq.m

GFA: 7,782.179 sq.m

KplusK were commissioned in 2014 to design a new church, sanctuary and residential tower development for one of the oldest religious institutions in Hong Kong.

The Master Agreement for the development was successfully completed between Union Church Hong Kong and Henderson Land Development last month.


The development consists of a Sanctuary building for 500 person congregation, a 5-storey podium and basement for church use and a 17-storey residential tower and clubhouse facilities.

The new Church will be an iconic Building of Worship, and will be open to the whole population of Hong Kong. KplusK is creating a “New Gothic” architecture that draws upon the historic legacy of the first foundings of the Church, established in 1844. KplusK’s interpretation of “New Gothic” enables the Sanctuary to have a Magnificent Verticality, created by 5 pairs of Vaulting columns. These columns then support lightweight, perforated walls that are suspended off the ground, allowing the sanctuary space to be light filled, and surrounded with tropical gardens on 4 sides.


The Church’s stated aim is to create a magnificent, sublime and spiritually uplifting environment to give to all people of Hong Kong, a place of reflection, of prayer and of peace.

The Church will move into its new temporary facilities next month and start services early September. The new Church is scheduled to be completed by Q3 2022.

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