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ZhaBei, Shanghai



Shanghai Vidal Sassoon Ltd


On Site GFA: 1,975sq.m

KplusK associates have recently completed Phase 1 of the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Shanghai. As a means to consolidate their existing premises in Shanghai and to revitalize a rundown urban area, they relocated to a disused watch factory in Xing Gardens. Designed with a raw, industrial aesthetic, the 2000 sq. m. space uses a limited palette of materials and finely engineered, high quality components.


KplusK associates provided a ‘cutting edge’ exterior façade that aims to become instantly recognizable. The frontage is designed as a simple, angled white sheet that folds around the building edges and has a diagonally cut fringe on its front face. Illuminated signage brings the building to life in the evening. Phase 2 of the project is beginning now and will feature a state of the art oxygen tent at roof level that will provide clean air for its students.


Photography Credit: Vidal Sassoon Shanghai

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