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Wan Chai



Super Office Ltd.


GFA: 670sq.m

Design for the new HQ of was set up in April 2000 as the business solution and e-commerce subsidiary of SUNeVision Holdings Ltd.  Part of the client’s brief was to design a “good looking office”, and this was left to designers KplusK (HK) International to interpret.  The office is at Sun Hung Kai Centre, where the designers had to contend with low floor-to-ceiling heights, a deep floor plan and the complex piping of fully ducted air-conditioning systems interwoven beneath the ceiling.  The perforated ceiling panels from Hunter Douglas provided more than a cover-up solution.  The overhead directional patterning orientates stuff and provides a dynamic stream through the space.  An elliptical sub-ceiling enables the conference room to stand as a secluded volume, encircled by bluish polycarbonate acoustic screens in the centre.  Activities outside are filtered by the translucent screens before entering the room.


The reception counter follows the curvy periphery of the conference room to form a smooth transition.  On the right side is a white floating U-shaped box anchored on the ground which is multi-functional in nature and can be used for training or demonstrations.  A cylindrical meeting room is treated similarly to the conference room and sits at the turn among the workstations to soften the otherwise hard corner.  The windows, with their uninspiring views outside, prompted the creation of light panels to replace them, allowing the effective reduction of overhead lighting in the office.


Article reproduced courtesy of Hinge Magazine

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