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New York & Los Angeles


Indoor Gallery

Simon Birch

Exhibition Design

KplusK are one of the key collaborators with Simon Birch and assisted him in planning the 14th Factory for 2 locations in New York City and a number of major installations in Los Angeles, one of which is the 2001 AD “final room”.


The “Space Odyssey” room has been hugely popular in Los Angeles. It has been attended by spacemen, proposals of marriage, models, film- acolytes and – junkies!


The set also has a special significance for the Kember brothers as detailed below:

“Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was made in 1968; many of the sets were constructed at MGM studios in Borehamwood, England where my grandfather was Head of Construction for many years.  At the time, two of my uncles worked as draftsmen on the movie, John and Tony Graysmark.  Re-creating the “final room” they originally designed and drew up with painstaking attention to detail is a kind of homage to them…….  Uncle John went on to become Art Director then Production Manager for numerous other movies – he lived for many years in Los Angeles so it’s like bringing a token of respect to his spiritual home…..I only wish he were alive to see it.”


Paul Kember

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