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Hainan Island


Residential and Hotel Masterplan

Sanya Hualin Industry Investment Co., Ltd

Site area: 16.6 Ha.

GFA: 91,266sq.m above ground

GFA: 82,940sq.m below ground

Commissioned in June 2010, KplusK have created a sustainable Masterplan for the development of a 166,000sq.m green field site, 25 kilometers west of Sanya City, Hainan Island.

The Development is divided into 5 zones of accommodation as follows:


The East Village - Residential Development

The West Village - Residential Development

The Central Park

The Hotel

The Serviced Apartment development


In addition, and adjacent to the site, are located two further developments, a low lying Cabana development, accessed from a beach boardwalk, and a Zero Energy Pavilion and Sales building, located on a separate site on the Eastern Boundary of the Development site. The Villa development is in two areas, the East Village and the West Village. This is divided by the Central park district, which is situated in the natural valley running North-South through the middle of the site.


The Masterplan is conceived as a sustainable “village”. The Central circulation area of the site connects all activities of the Hotel and Serviced Apartments, through the Villa development, to the Beach. This is the Central Park, and it provides a peaceful verdant buffer zone between East and West villages.

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