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Mount Kellett



Private Client


GFA: 560sq.m

This project presented a unique opportunity to amalgamate three apartments into a stunning triplex.

This Apartment is not about style, it’s about a dialogue between presence and space, of viewing one’s self alone, undefined by personal possessions, ready to create a new relationship with the exterior, the landscape, sun and sky.


It is the view beyond; the expansiveness of space which defines the experience of space, not it’s physical boundaries.  As in a Dan Graham installation, people become more vivid and subliminally engaged within the environment, essentially connected to it.


7 or 8 types of glass with different interlayers, translucencies, and colours, we were employed to create an extraordinary interplay of spatial depth and light.  Each new environment is lightly defined in glass and then combined with a palette of materials assembled from around the world: eco veneers from Australia, black heart sassafras from Tasmania, decorative polycarbonates from the States, slates and granites from China, limestone from Indonesia, slow cured cement render, Corian, Stainless steel, and bamboo.

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