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Karang Kembar, Bali



Kerang Development Holdings Ltd.

and Hein van Ameringen


GFA: 5,860sq.m

This private residential development is situated on the Bukit peninsula, Bali’s southernmost point, overlooking a pristine sea-fronted lagoon from its cliff top location 90 m above an expansive white beach.

The central residence sits within its own walled enclosure, composed of discrete pavilions laid out with (And under) a formative Balinese landscape. They are designed to create a flow of distinct tropical experiences, from green shaded courtyards, along walkways over reflective pools, culminating in expansive views of the lagoon, the reef breaks and the horizon beyond.


The pavilions are intended to sit lightly in the landscape, maximizing their connection with nature and providing diverse combinations of inside / outside living space. Also included are extensive sun decks, a 33 m long infinity edge swimming pool, several outdoor bathroom spas with massage bales, and spacious living and relaxation areas. The central pavilion, a simple rectilinear form, is 7.5 m tall by 13 m wide and provides a huge window to the sea and sky, opening views and catching sea breezes.


All the pavilions have been designed to be passively cooled. Three guest suites are buried beneath an expansive lawn, where they remain cooler through “earth sheltering”, while the central living pavilion utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to extract hot air from the top of the space via linear, damped air grilles set into the sides of the building.

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