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Hotels Masterplan

Claremont Taiwan Ltd

The Site is for Sale, Pending Planning

Site area: 9.5 Ha

GFA: 53,328 sq.m

KplusK has created a Masterplan for the development of a luxury hospitality complex as a village.

Penghu is an archipelago of 90 islands situated off the west coast of Taiwan, famous for the saturated turquoise sea and its amazing white sand beaches. This beautiful destination is attracting more and more tourists every year but remains relatively preserved, despite being less than one hour flight from Taipei. Indeed, Penghu currently doesn’t have any full-service resorts or Five Star accommodation on the island.


We have married traditional, Hakka inspired villas and ultra-chic glass pavilions to create the main accommodation of the resort. Facilities will include hotel suite buildings, courtyard and garden villas with private pools and private dining facilities, A wellness spa, restaurants featuring local seafood cuisine, bars and a beach club, fully utilizing a secluded sea cove.

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