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Residential / Hotels Masterplan

Zhuhai Gree Real Estate


Site area:

150 Ha (Masterplan competition site) 

15,000sq.m (KplusK design development)


12,208sq.m (for Boutique Hotel and adjacent villas)

KplusK associates, in collaboration with RMJM Asia, won the competition to design Dongao Island as a new Resort Island Mecca in the South China Seas, a stone throw from Hong Kong Island.

The team will Masterplan the whole island for this purpose, phase 1 of which will see the development of two hotels on the island.  


The development of Dongao Island encompasses an area of and has a coastline of over 15 kilometers.  The competition represents an amazing opportunity to re-brand and re-position a sleepy backwater as an international tourist / “Seed Attractor” destination, incorporating a 5 star hotel and Conference facilities, private villas, and a series of experiential activities which are both cultural and Educational in content. This will lead to the creation of an organic, sustainable and thriving economic hub in the territorial waters of Zhuhai.

The boutique Hotel opened in Spring 2015 as one of the first Club Med Hotels in China, and the large Hotel is currently being operated as an Island Resort

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