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GFA: 1,085sq.m

A three-storey office space for one of Hong Kong's leading web design companies.


In 2000 Lemon, Hong Kong’s leading web design outfit, commissioned KplusK to design their new headquarters on three floors of Printing House in Duddell Street, Central.


The building was originally constructed with a series of longitudinal transfer beams, providing large uninterrupted floorplates and shopfronts.  This structure was exposed and carefully ground off to provide a raw textural background to the new spaces constructed of glass and curved white plaster.


The design was considered as a series of disconnected elements; ribbon walls built of luminous, yellow polycarbonate; carriage structures to the upper floors housing conference facilities and meeting rooms; reticulated storage walls and floating internet stations in the entrance lobby. The intention was to create a sense of depth; of spaces created around disparate architectural forms floating within a large concrete shell.


Workstations were designed with new mobile storage elements and screening devices specially constructed for Lemon. Furniture systems were adapted to meet Lemon’s requirements as were the spaces - breakout areas, hot desking, storage zones, conference rooms, and an Eames cocktail lounge.

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