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​Island East


Exhibition + Installations

Simon Birch


GFA: 2,230sq.m

KplusK collaborated with leading Hong Kong Artist Simon Birch for this seminal installation at ArtisTree.

KplusK were  commissioned  to design a multimedia art show for Simon Birch in 2010. Inside the KplusK designed Swire Property in Cornwall House known as ArtisTree. This 22,000 sq. ft. event was designed as a Circus of installations including massive sculptural objects, light, sound and interactive art pieces. 


The space was divided into 14 installations, providing a conceptual journey for the audience adhering to an established hero myth structure as outlined by the author James Campbell. Shown in Hong Kong in 2010, the exhibition comprised of film, installation, painting, performance, sculpture and photography. A number of collaborators worked alongside Birch to bring the massive, dark, circus-like project to realisation.


This project was the largest ever privately funded art event ever to take place in Hong Kong.

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